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Quadra Island British Columbia Canada Vacation Cabin Rentals



Well appointed vacation cabins for the discerning family or corporation. 4 Separate cabins sleep 44.

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Our story wouldn't be complete without a little history.
From 1945 until early 1998, April Point Lodge belonged to the the Peterson family.
Early this year, the Lodge itself, several accommodations buildings and 7 acres of land were purchased from the Petersons and are now owned and operated by the Oak Bay Marine Group.


  Bit of History: April Point



The Petersons continue to offer delightful 1-5 bedroom guest houses,
with full amenities, including fireplaces, hot-tubs, Jacuzzi baths and unbeatable ocean views.  These lodgings offer a secluded setting with the amenities of April Point Lodge close at hand and may be rented through our pages.

April Point Lodge in 1950

Captain George Vancouver made his historic voyage through Discovery Passage in 1792- 205 years ago, and 105 years before salmon fishing on Canada's BC coast was "discovered" by Sir Richard Musgrave in 1896. On July 13th, 1792, Captain Vancouver named this point of land "April Point".

 In 1945, Phil & Phyllis Peterson journeyed to the area for the spectacular fishing in 1945. They camped at the Tyee Spit and rowed each day across the waters of Discovery Passage to fish at April Point. Little did they know what their future would hold. Their biggest catch was to be April Point itself.

When Phillip discovered it for sale he offered to purchase 10 acres on the point of land where the lodge now sits, but Judge Pidcock, then the owner, replied that it was all or nothing. Phil agreed and he and Phyllis became the owners of 150 forested acres. With their dream in motion, Phil took a one year leave of absence from the McGraw Hill Publishing Company and set out with Phyllis and their children to make April Point their summer home.

"Poverty Point" as it was called back then, was inhabited by handliners; a few old fishermen who lived in a row of beach shacks. Although invited to stay on, the old boys relocated when the new residents arrived with their lively children, Eric, Joy, and Thor. Renovating one of the beach shacks to live in became their first priority. Within a short time, residents and visitors alike began to inquire about renting the little cabins for summer holidays. It soon became evident that opening a seasonal business had possibilities, and would allow the Peterson family to make April Point their year-round home.

The docks were built when visiting boaters showed an interest in mooring at "The Point" and of course a dining room was next! Phil's leave of absence stretched to two years, and eldest son Warren came home on leave from the Navy in the summer to work, renovating cabins, building docks, and the only salt-water swimming pool on the coast. The lodge was built 4 years later in 1950.

Things have changed a lot since then. Although some of the original buildings still stand, they have been remodeled and serve new purposes. The expanded lodge and outlying buildings accommodate some 100 guests and a full service, 3500 foot yacht marina is tucked in the bay behind April Point. Yes, things have changed, but the sincere desire to show our guests a wonderful time is still the same, over 50 years later.

Let's go Fishing!
Salmon fishing at April Point is unbeatable! The friendly, professional fishing guides are waiting with excellent boats and top-fl
ight Long-time guide, Warren Peterson with an 11 pound chinook salmon, caught on the fly!!tackle to take you to the hot-spots.



Frequently asked questions...

Q. - I've heard we can only use barbless hooks.  Is this true?
A. - Yes.   Anglers interested in conservation have been using barbless hooks for a long time. It's well-known that barbless hooks give a fish a better chance at survival if you choose to release it. Several local guides also report that they have not yet lost a single fish, and that indeed they feel that a fish is actually easier to hook with a barbless hook than a barbed one.

Q. - Can we fish for Coho?
A. - If you hook a Coho, of course you can play it, but the policy on Coho is strictly non-retention, therefore it is not appropriate to set out to catch Coho.  Coho are feisty fighters, providing great action to sports fishers each summer. Their numbers have steadily decreased over the past 5 or 6 years for various reasons including changing ocean conditions and stream degradation. Many new measures are being implemented to enhance their numbers, including a ban on commercial fishing of coho, and a new catch and release policy (no-retention) for the Coho sports fishery.

Q. - How is the Chinook fishing so far this season?
A. - Excellent! Chinook fishing is the best it's been in 10 years! Anglers are regularly reporting limits of 2 each day, averaging between 8 and 30 pounds with the biggest concentration is in the 14 -25 lb range.

Q. - When do you catch each type of fish?
A. - Although you may fish for any type at any time, each type of salmon has a "season" when it is most plentiful.









 2 per day



 4 per day



 4 per day


 Sept - Oct

 4 per day


 June - Oct


You may catch up to 4 salmon per day, 2 of which may be Chinook salmon.
The possession limit is two days catch.

- Fishing Calendar ... the long story

Kid + salmon = great fun!April, May & June
bring an equal mix of 2-4 year old Chinooks of 10 - 20 pounds and sub-legal yearlings, as well as some Coho, ranging from sub-legal juveniles to 3 and 4 pounders. The days are long - it's daylight from 4 in the morning until 10:30 at night, so there is plenty of fishing time! This quieter time of year is also peaceful and serene with few boats and lots of bait in the water (herring, needle-fish and crab and herring spawn and Eusophid shrimp hatches) for those eagerly feeding salmon.

Top guide Warren Peterson with Mineo Yamamoto and a 29 lb Chinook salmon!
July and August
see increases in size and numbers of Chinook and Coho. 1997 brought incredible numbers of Sockeye and Pinks which continued through to October. Growing catches of Halibut, Snapper and Cod were a bonus enjoyed by many. Those trends are expected to continue in '98!

Mid-August and September offer continuing catches of Coho, Chinook, Pink and Sockeye salmon as well as the Tyee - the over 30 pound leviathan Chinook salmon of 4 - 6 years of age. Row in the time honored fashion of the Tyee Club of BC, or mooch from a power boat for these giants for the fight of your life!

September and October yield catches of Chinook, Pink and Sockeye salmon as well as Northern Coho and Chum salmon. Winter Springs (Chinook) take over in the later months of the year, becoming our mainstay over the winter.

Come join us; catch a great time and the one that got away last year! We look forward to seeing you soon.  

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